Price One


Score out of 5 – £300 – £500 (5), £500-700 (4), £700-900 (3), £900-1100 (2), £1100 + (1)


A two-piece suit made with the tailor’s base level of house fabrics. This includes average add-on costs (some tailors charge extra for details such as side adjusters) and alterations costs (if the tailor charges for alterations after the suit has been made).

Notes – A tailor’s base level house fabric has been used, as it is often the best value proposition and shows the value different tailors offer with their house fabric.

Price Two


Score out of 5 – £300 – £500 (5), £500-700 (4), £700-900 (3), £900-1100 (2), £1100 + (1)


A two-piece suit made with an Italian or British name brand Super 120 wool twill (280gsm)(cheapest available). This includes average add-on costs (some tailors charge extra for details such as side adjusters) and alterations costs (if the tailor charges for alterations after the suit has been made).


Notes – A super 120 wool twill was chosen. As nearly every tailor would offer this fabric, it will help in differentiating different tailors pricing using the same fabric although this is not a perfect measure we believe it is the best available.

Construction Methods


Formula – (out of 5) – Full Canvas (5), Half Canvas (2), Fused (1)


Fused, Half Canvas, Full Canvas

Notes – As we haven’t weighted for construction method in price one & two this helps adjust the ranking to account for this.

Product Origin


Score of 1-5 – (1) For Asia, Middle East & Africa, (2)- For Europe (EU), (4) for Spain & Portugal, (5) if Italy or UK

Notes – There hasn’t been a tailor that has a North or South American producer that we have come across. The LMTMSG are aware that there are some, but that is a story for another time. We have given these rankings for two reasons: ethical & production quality. When something is Made in the EU, worker rights and environmental regulations are far more readily enforced than in the Global South. The production quality of British & Italian producers stands above the rest. Some might argue this is an overly simplistic statement, but it’s the line LMTMSR has chosen to draw. Lastly there are manufacturers in the Global South that do respect workers’ rights and environmental standards but unfortunately LMTMSR doesn’t have the resources to audit every MTM tailor’s factories.

Perceived Pattern Quality


Score of 1 -5


Notes – As the LMTMSR doesn’t have access to any of the tailors’ patterns the score is based on reviews available online and questions that have been answered by our industry contacts. The quality of the pattern used in MTM is very important as it contributes greatly to how the garment fits. Garment fit is one of the main reasons for buying MTM over ready to wear. This score is fairly subjective and as always we welcome feedback from LMTMSR readers.

Perceived Construction Quality


Score 1-5

Notes – LMTMSR have chosen to include this score to add weight to tailors who use methods such as hand attaching collars & lapels and hand padding lapels. All suits are also not made equal and we have included in this score information available through other reviews to determine how garments have held up over time. Again, there is a large degree of subjectivity here and feedback is welcome.

Google Reviews


Score 1-5 – (1) 3.9 or below, (2) 4-4.5. (4) 4.5-4.9, (5) 5

Notes: This is fairly easy, taking the tailor’s score from Google reviews and giving it a value 1-5 based on the brackets outlined. It reflects customer service and how happy customers are with their garments and the process.

Unique Aesthetic


Score 1-3


Notes: This is the most subjective score LMTMSR has decided to use. We are not judging whether the aesthetic is liked by the editorial team or not but whether a tailor has taken the time to build one and implement it in their brand. Great examples of this are Anglo Italian and Beggars Run.

Editors’ Score


Out of 38 (adding up all the scores) – then turned into a percentage

Notes – This is a total of all metrics that is then turned into a percentage. The LMTMSR believes this score will help customers compare tailors using a simple number.



1 to 19 – Simply ranking all tailors based on their Editors’ Score.



We use the notes section to insert abit of the LMTMSR’s opinion and clarify some of the scoring decisions. Any opinion in the notes section should be taken as such and we are very open to this opinion being challenged, this can be done by leaving comments at the bottom of the ‘guide’ section or sending us an email at