The following guide of made-to-measure tailors has been created with the goal of shinning a light on the London made-to-measure industry and attempting to show where value is in the market. The LMTMSR welcomes any submissions from readers that think the LMTMSR might have mis-ranked a certain tailor or who wish to submit a review for a tailor we have not yet ranked. Lastly, MTM tailors that cost over £2500 for a suit with a house fabric have not been included. This is because it is fairer for them to be compared to bespoke than MTM and LMTMSR’s metrics would not best capture their offering. The LMTMSR has also included bespoke tailors that charge less than £2000 for a suit, this is because they are often employing many elements of MTM and are simply branding as bespoke. A two-piece suit has been used as an example to simplify the process.


  • Anglo have come out on top again with casual fitters a close second (at half the price).
  • Over the last year there has been significant price rises across all tailors they are reflected below.
  • Accordingly we are thinking of adjusting our scoring to better reflect the pricing landscape, but haven’t made changes yet
  • Cad had closed there city location (LMTMSR recommends Casual Fitters for city dwellers looking for a new tailor).
  • Tailor Made has closed there Belgravia location
  • Casual Fitters have opened there 3rd location in Fitzrovia


Top overall

Anglo Italian Company (28)

Category Winners

Best tailor above £1100 – Anglo Italian Company (28)

Best tailor below £1100 – Casual Fitters (27)

Detailed Rankings